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    In order to keep up with our high standards of service, we will use time to create this page.
 These are Veterans that I know and appreciate. 
Thank you for your interest!


                      Men and Women give us their lives so that fear is not our strife.
                                          They cover water earth and sky.
                                        In God's hands is where they lie.

           I believe our veterans are the father's of our nation,
                       they deserve our respect  
            When they come home it's not their time to quit.                          
                Let them know they just started.
We need them even more than when they parted.            

Let us show them the life that they fought for,
 There's so much evil and death in war.
 Thank God they made it home for sure.
Cause when God saves your life there is always more.    
 He gave us His Son Jesus Christ who saved us all with his own life.                                                  You must accept and Thank the Lord.

                 Some are back home    


                           Some are far away                                       

Some are



Some are
 with the

 is good.    

Our flag
 we salute            

 It represents
who we are.

 Let's pray                                                                    

             for our Troops.       

Pray for peace. 
This is my
great niece.
 Care packages
 Give enjoyment
and is
something from home
 to look toward.
 Our soldiers
 give us  their all.
 Care packages
 show them
 we'd rather
 see their face or
to hear their voice,
 at least a call. 

We Stand. 
 In God's
 Holy Hand.

                  The United States of America is My Homeland!                                                                        

                                                                           Heaven is my home!


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