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We are currently creating content for this section. In order to be able to keep up with our high standards of service, we will use time to do so . Please stop by again and again. Thank you for your interest!

Life is a struggle that's why we got to juggle and if you're just not sure get down in prayer.  Are you there? Get down in prayer               He'll take you where you can hear and there's no fear it's His way He'll steer. A straight path with protection from His wrath. Yes His wrath just do the math. Listen to what He will say to ya Oh Yes, it's the way for ya. Believe His WORD It will make you sure without a slur. Cause it's what you say that will make your life just gray. So look in shades of color Because God is Creator of ALL and there is no other.    He gave us breath and saved us from death. His only begotten Son Yea He's THE ONE. He gave up his life for our pain and strife. He got death's key just to set us free. Now He lives and on His throne is where He be. You just can't flee no matter how you see down on both knees is where we will all be.   Faith    Hope     Love       all come from above.  Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.                                                                                                                

Click Here                                       and hear                                       Take it to the River

    We are in hope to bring about a Veteran's Cafe of the USA a meatball and sauces cafe on Rt 66  Main Street USA Joplin, Mo. With a 3% profit for you if we use your healthy recipe. To support our Veteran's who are the fathers of our nation.

     We are in hope to bring about Regina's House, & The House of Cherish. Young women with children homes of education to bring life into their children's lives to live in peace and harmony depending on one another to become independent of dependence and to help others carry their loads of each day. 

      We have more hopes and dreams to come...

   These projects will be funded when you Click My List of Stores Page and find what you are looking for.

                                              I just did what I was lead to do.                                                                      If it led me here then I am here for you.                                                                              Jesus is who I believe in                                                                                    And He told me  That He

                                              Believes in YOU!                                                                                                 He said all My Shades Of Color                                                                              Are from Jacob's flock                                                                                                                                      To them I give My life, 

                                                      I Am Jesus Christ                                                                        Their ROCK                                                                                                        To Sit, To Walk, To Stand                                                           I bring them into their own land.                                                                              A land to live free                                                                                                      Free in Your heart you see   

                          A man's heart that is in bondage                                                                                                                          Is their tragedy.                                                             To them I give My life                                                                                                           I shed My blood upon a tree.                                        The blood I shed cleanses the heart of men from sin from within                                                   So you are free to see the truth & God's glory 

                                                 Then you will become a New Creation                                                       In Christ                                                                                                     To live in peace and Not in strife.                                 

                                          This gift of His is to All the Nations.

                                                YOU MUST BELIEVE                                              

                                                        GIVE HIM A TRY       

                                                            HE IS NOT THE LIE